When will campsites reopen in the UK? Latest updates for camping and caravan holidays

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When will campsites reopen in the UK after lockdown – we take a look at the key dates when caravan clubs and campsites are hoping to welcome back holidaymakers.

Camping holidays are currently off the cards for Brits, with lockdowns across the UK including a ban on domestic travel (there are a handful of exemptions, but travelling for leisure or a holiday is not one of them).

For those in England, Boris Johnson is expected to set out a roadmap on February 22 on how restrictions will be eased. For Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon is set to give an update on February 16, while the lockdown in Wales is due to be reviewed on February 19.

So what does this mean for camping and caravan holidays?

There’s currently no set date for when these can reopen across the UK. Most of the companies have said that they are currently keeping their sites closed until at least March 7/March 8, looking to review depending on government guidance.


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