The New Motorhome Code of Conduct

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A new code of conduct has been launched to help caravan owners visit the Lake District responsibly this summer.

Many roads in the region have been busy with motorhomes, as lockdown rules loosening now allows families, or those in bubbles, to holiday together in self contained accommodation.

This summer, camping and caravanning is expected to be very popular as the demand for motorhomes soared during the pandemic. The new code, set out on the Visit Lake District website, asks visitors to plan their route and respect their surroundings.

Vanessa Metcalfe, from Keswick Tourism, said: “We’re looking forward to you all coming back but please respect the area while you’re here; think carefully about where you’re parking your car or your camper van; can an emergency vehicle get through? Or a farmer with a trailer get through? And make sure you take all your litter home.”

What’s included in the code? A full code of conduct asks visitors to:

1. Plan your route and parking – Luckily most of our narrow country roads have passingplaces to avoid congestion, but it’s important not to park in these and to avoid narrowpasses and single-track roads wherever possible.

2. Be a considerate driver. If a car is stuck behind you, just pull over in at a safe place tolet them pass – give them a smile and a wave!

3. Always choose to park in an approved location, book in advance if you can andleave plenty of space between vehicles when parked up. Be careful never to block roadsand gateways.

4. Don’t rush off! Hop out, leave the vehicle, stay a while and enjoy the local area on foot,by bike, boat, maybe even horse or segway!

5. Leave no trace – Take litter away with you, recycle where you can.

6. Show the environment some love – Dispose of all grey and black waste at officiallocations with safe and legal facilities. Disposing of waste inappropriately means harmfulchemicals can seep into the lakes and waterways. Some of our public toilets aren’t on themain sewerage system and chemicals from portable toilets can damage them.

7. Stay on track – Let’s keep our verges looking wonderful.

8. Not got a loo on board? Don’t worry, there are lots of public toilets for you to use.

9. Find a great spot – Book a site before you set off and please respect no overnight parkingand camping signs.

10. Eat out, but don’t light up – Enjoy local food al fresco but avoid lighting fires/barbeques.

Visit for more information.


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