Terms and conditions of Hire

Below are the terms and conditions for hiring a vehicle from Grand Tour Campers. You must read these very carefully before making a booking with us. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The following is an agreement between the operator (Grand Tour Campers) and the hirer (yourself).

  • Mentions of ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ refers to our company Grand Tour Campers.
  • Mentions of ‘You’ or ‘Your’ are in reference to the individual who signs the rental agreement as the lead insured driver/hirer.
  • ‘Your Holiday’, ‘Booking’ and ‘Rental Period’ means the hire period agreed within a rental agreement.
  • Mention of ‘Vehicle’, ‘Vehicles’ and ‘Camper Van’  refers to our Fully Loaded VW California Camper Van.
  • ‘Insurance’ is the motor vehicle insurance held for the vehicles we hire and does not provide other cover.

1) Deposit

When booking our vehicles, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total amount due is required. As soon as this has been paid then your booking with us is confirmed, with the remainder of the balance due 6 weeks prior to departure. If your holiday is 6 weeks away or less, then full payment is required.

A booking will be cancelled if full payment is not received in time. Deposits will also be forfeited.

2) Cancellation

If a hirer needs to cancel their booking after full payment has been taken, then we will do our best to hire our camper van to a new hirer and refund your balance. However, if we are unable to do this, then we reserve the right to keep 50% of the total hire charged if you cancel between 2 to 6 weeks prior. If cancellation happens within 2 weeks prior, then we retain 100% of the total hire charge.

3) Collection

When collecting a vehicle, please ensure that you allow around 90 minutes for the process of hand-over. This is to confirm your identity using previously supplied ID as well as to demonstrate the vehicle to yourself. We will require a copy of your license as well as two further forms of ID. This can be a passport or utility bill for example. The main driver as well as additional driver (if appropriate) will need to be present at collection.

Please make sure that you have your driving licences/passports to hand as we need original ID and a debit or credit card for the security deposit (see point 6). Our vehicle will be passed to you in good condition with a clean and full fuel tank.

There is space at our site for you to leave a vehicle if this is something you require. Our site is fully secured with secured gating. If you do leave a vehicle with us we hold no responsibility over your vehicle or its contents whilst you are on your holiday.

4) Return

When returning a camper van or motorhome to us, please ensure that you are on time and allow at least 30 minutes for hand-over. Our team want to make the process as easy as possible for you, providing the perfect end to a break away which is why we ask you to treat the vehicle with respect. Vehicles should be returned undamaged, with a full fuel tank, clean interior, flushed toilet cassette, and empty wastewater.

We do not like to charge extra costs, however if we have to complete any of the above actions, we reserve the right to make additional charges. For any returns that are late, please let us know as soon as possible. We retain the rights to charge you a fee per hour for a late return. This is to make sure that no future hirers are left waiting.

5) Vehicle Equipment

Each vehicle is provided with equipment and we endeavour to ensure that this is operating correctly when you collect your camper van. We will also make sure that you understand how it works as part of the hand-over demonstrations. If any items onboard fail whilst your have the vehicle, please let us know as soon as you can. Our team will do their best to rectify this although that may not be possible depending on the circumstances.

6) Security Deposit

We require a security deposit of £750 held against a debit/credit card in case of any damage prior to departure from our location. This is in case of any costs which occur as a result of damage, accidents, parking/penalty notices, or failure to follow the outlined terms and conditions.

Once you pick up your camper van or motorhome, you authorise us to deduct any amount or amounts due to us. As soon as your holiday is complete and there have been no issues with the above mentioned list, then the security deposit will be returned to the debit/credit card within 10 working days. The security deposit will not be refunded immediately on return of any vehicle hired from us. We also retain the right to take any action necessary to recover all amounts owed by you from your debit/credit card issuer.

7) Use of Our Vehicle

When you have our vehicle, we ask politely that you respect it and take care of it. We also expect any drivers to operate the vehicle with care and attention at all times. Only agreed drivers may drive and they must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

We ask that you ensure that the ignition key is never left on board whilst the vehicle is left unoccupied. Doing this invalidates your insurance. All passengers must be agreed and wear passenger belts at all times. Children must use the appropriate child seats (not supplied by us).

Make sure that the vehicle is only driven along bitumen or sealed roads. If you are attending an event or festival, please follow the instructions outlined by the organisers. We ask that you take care to not get stuck in soft ground. You will be responsible for any recovery or towing charges encountered as a result of our vehicle becoming stuck. Additionally, the costs for repairs of any tires that are damaged during your rental period are paid for by the hirer.

It is your responsibility to maintain our vehicle while on your holiday. This includes checking oil, tyre pressures, coolant levels as well as batteries. If you do experience issues with the clutch, drive train or engine, get in contact with us immediately. Under no circumstances should repairs or actions be undertaken by yourselves without our permission.

8) Driver

The driver/s of our vehicle must show that they are legally allowed to drive in the UK. They also must demonstrate that they have driven regularly and are confident in operating a vehicle with the same or similar dimensions to our camper van or motorhome. You are required to provide driving licence/s at the time of booking as this will enable us to check that they meet our requirements and prevents any last minute worries.

If you do not meet our driver requirements, you will not be permitted to drive our vehicle.

  • Age Limit of 25 to 70 years of age
  • Maximum of 6 penalty points on your licence at the time of hiring
  • No more than 2 drivers per hire agreement and each driver must have held a valid licence for 3 or more years, entitling them to drive a Category B vehicle up to 3500kg GMW

Driver/s must at the time of booking declare if they have had an insurance claim made against them within the previous 3 years. If so, there are limits to what is allowed. Some occupations are unable to be insured including professional sportspeople, celebrities, Foreign Services personnel, professional entertainers, and embassy employees who are based in the UK.

Any legal penalties (i.e. parking tickets, speeding fines, congestion charges) incurred during the hire period are liable to the driver/s.

Driver/s are also required to be in ‘good health’ when hiring a camper van or motorhome from us. This refers to mental and/or physical conditions which can impact ability to drive including deafness, strokes, loss of limb, epilepsy, diabetes, heart conditions, and loss of sight in an eye. You must not be taking any drugs or medication that may impact the ability of your driving.

9) Pets

We do allow pets in our vehicles. While we understand it can be difficult to control their actions, we ask that you keep them from jumping on beds, bedding or other seating areas. Any additional cleaning or valeting that needs to take place as a result of soiling from pets will be charged to you in accordance with point 4 of the terms and conditions.

10) Smoking

We operate a strictly non-smoking policy within our vehicles. This is to ensure the highest quality and luxury for our hirers as well as safety at all times. If any damage occurs as a result of smoking, we reserve the right to charge you for any additional valeting and/or upholstering cleaning that takes place (see point 4).

11) Title to Our Vehicle

Any vehicle hired from us remains our possession throughout the duration of your holiday. As a hirer you have no rights to lend, sell, sub-let or hire the vehicle out to anybody else. If we are given any reason to believe that these terms and conditions have been breached, we will terminate any agreement made and reclaim the vehicle with no refund.

12) Vehicle Insurance

As part of our hire agreement we include full comprehensive insurance for any damage occurred to our vehicle as well as the property of a third party. Only the driver or drivers named on the agreement will be insured.

Exclusions from vehicle insurance include:

  • Overhead Damage (damage to equipment, vehicle or third party property which occurs above 1.83 metres [6 feet] from the ground)
  • Internal Damage
  • Personal Insurance for Hirer/Passengers (includes bodily injury or death to the driver as well as cover to personal possessions)
  • Tyre or Windscreen Damage
  • Damage Deemed as Gross Negligence (includes mis-fuelling) – this negates any insurance and leaves you responsible for costs

If there are callouts due to an error cause by you, then it is your responsibility to pay for those. This includes wrong or insufficient fuel levels, flat battery, and lost keys (see point 14).

13) Damage/Accidents

If you as a driver are held responsible for any damage or accidents which take place during your hire period, you will pay the excess of the insurance claim. In a case of disputed responsibility, you will be liable to pay the excess until any claim is settled or, if appropriate, part or all of the excess is refunded.

If an accident does happen, let us know as soon as possible. Make sure to get the names and addresses of any third parties along with insurance details and witness details. Report any event to your nearest police station.

You will also be required to complete an accident claim form. Make no settlement offers or admissions of liability to other parties. We ask that you assist us in the handling or any claims which arise from an incident.

Whilst a claim is underway, no insurance excess or security deposit will be refunded.

14) Loss of Keys

If any keys are damaged or lost during your holiday, then you will be liable for the costs of obtaining replacement keys. You will also be liable for any cost associated with providing us keys during the hire period. The campervan or motorhome must be locked at all times when it is not in use.

15) Indemnity

You agree to release us, Grand Tour Campers, from any liability for loss or damage incurred by you during the hire period. This is regardless of who is at fault. This includes:

  • Any loss or damage caused by mechanical default, breakdown, accidents or our vehicle/s being unsuitable for your needs
  • Any loss or damage incurred to your personal property left in our vehicle
  • You, the hirer, agree to indemnify us against any demands, claims or expenses (including legal costs) incurred on your possessions and/or use of the vehicle.

16) Demurrage

This refers to any losses or costs due to unserviceability. If the camper van or motorhome is rendered unserviceable (resulting in cancellation of subsequent bookings) during your hire period, then we reserve any rights to charge you for costs and/or losses incurred.

17) Force Majeure

This refers to any unforeseeable circumstances. We will try out best to ensure that our vehicle is ready for collection at the correct time. However, if due to circumstances beyond our control this is not possible, our liability is limited to refunding the total hire charge only.

Please note that it is your responsibility to take out any additional holiday insurance policy which covers losses of personal possessions or due to cancellations.

Grand Tour Campers retains the right to vary rates, terms and conditions of hire and refuse to hire to a person without explanation or prior warning.

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