How to stay safe when pitching up or caravanning


Camping and caravan holidays: How to stay safe when pitching up or caravanning

CAMPING and caravan holidays have long been a favourite of many Britons thanks to the affordable nature of such getaways plus the proximity to nature. But how can you make sure you stay safe on such trips?

Holidays in the UK have made a well-deserved comeback in 2020. Foreign holidays are something of a lottery at the moment amid constantly changing government travel restrictions. Camping sites and caravan parks have therefore seen a huge of holidaymakers.

Choose where you pitch with caution

Ideally, you’ll be able to choose where you set up camp.

If so, try to pick somewhere that’s well lit.

Near the car park or main path is often a good bet when it comes to lighting.

Put your valuables away

As for any expensive items you do decide to take, be sure to stash them away.

This applies to holidaymakers in both tents and caravans.

If you’re in a tent, don’t leave them near the door.

At nighttime, putting them inside your sleeping bag will provide added security.

Make friends

It can be a good idea to befriend other campers and caravaners.

This can help deter would-be thieves.

If you have a day out you might be able to ask them to look over your belongings.

What’s more, if you yourself spot anyone peering through tents or caravan window be sure to tell a member of staff rather than approaching them yourself.


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